“Locker Room” politics and the power of independent thought.

People are fleeing the “locker room” after hanging out in there for a long time.. acting all surprised?? I’m not buying the pretended shock and outrage.

It’s time turn it off, step away from the safety of the crowd, and ask yourself, “what do I really believe in”? The political propaganda machine is created so that you will react, keeps you on the defense, running with your back towards the machine; looking over your shoulder. It’s designed to make you feel vulnerable, looking for somebody to save you. Thing is, you’re not vulnerable, you don’t need to be saved. You have more access to knowledge, and information than any other human society has ever enjoyed. And yet we’re still having “locker room talk” discussions? You are more powerful than you realize.

I’m talking about principles of independent thought, not party politics or talking points. It’s time to turn around and face the machine. It’s time to stop re-acting and start acting. It’s time for inner focus and reflection. What do you know? What do you want? What (not who) do you believe?

This is you: informed, thoughtful, and eloquent; armed with the ideas of your own investigation. Calm in the storm that the machine is raging all around you. Tolerant because you know that you also need tolerance. Brave because you need others to be brave. Compassionate because you’ve also made mistakes. Powerful because you know what you believe in.

The American Presidential Election isn’t about a candidate, it’s about you.